Posted by: vassena | December 27, 2008

Expedition 2009 – day one – 27th of December

This is the fourth expedition to the Rwenzori Mountain National Park. The group is composed by myself,  Giorgio Vassena, president of the Scientific Committee of the Italian Alpine Club, and by two volonteers of the Environmental Association L’Umana Dimora, Filippo Bernini and Benedetto Omezzolli. The group start from Milan Malpensa airport to Entebbe. 

Expedition memebrs - Filippo Bernini and BEnedetto Omezzolli


The tasks of the expedition are:

– To check and download the data of the meteorological station installed by the University of Brescia and by the  Italian Alpine Club in the location of Bujuku, in the Rwenzori National Park.

– To check the presence of GPRS signal close to the summit of Mount Stanley, to plan the next location of another meteo station

– To install termometers to check the temperature of the rocks in Mount Stanley (under the scientific supervision of the University of Milan,  Proff. Claudio Smiraglia and Guglielmina Diolaiuti)

– To install a permanent geodetic reference point for crustal measurements by GPS in Mount Stanley

The CAI meteo station in Bujuku


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