General Introduction

The research activities of the Rwenzori Project started in 2006, thanks to the action of Gustavo Corti, responsible of the Mountain Group of L’Umana Dimora (UD), an Italian Environmental Association. At the research joined immediatly the University of Brescia (under a general MoU with UD). The research activities started under the patronage of the Italian Alpine Club and of the President of the Lombardia Region. 

Since 2007 also the Italian Alpine Club (that has a MoU with the university of Brescia), started with a research program in the Rwenzori Mountain National Park. Both the actions of the Italian Alpine Club and of the University of Brescia are realised in Uganda with the support and coordination of L’Umana Dimora, that is responsible of the contacts with the Uganda parties and of the research activities.

In 2008 the Comitato EV-K2-CNR signed an MoU with L’Umana Dimora, limited on the decision to share the data acquired in the field by the wheather stations of the L’Umana Dimora and of the EV-K2-CNR.


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